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We are basically handball lovers that enjoy training and sharing our experiences with the new generations of players and coaches. We will bring to you the way of living and training of professional players with five daily sessions to improve technical, tactical, physical and theoretical aspects of handball.  

We are all national coaches with many years of experience in the sport at top national and international levels. We want to share all our knowledge to promote an all-round development of our players.

Toni Gerona Salaet

  • Chartres Métropol Handball Coach

  • Túnez National Coach

  • Ex Coach El- Jaish de Qatar

  • Handbol Formative FCB Ex Technical Director

  • FC Barcelona B Ex Coach

  • FC Barcelona Ex 2º Coach

Fernando Barbeito

  • US Créteil Handball Coach

  • Ex 2nd FC Barcelona Coach. August 2019

  • Ex Coach Al Duhail Club, Qatar 2018-2019.

  • Ex Coach  Mudhar Club, Saudi Arabia 2016/2018.

  • Arabia Saudí Ex National Coach - Asian Games Enero 2018.

  • Bahréin Ex National Coach - Asian Games Enero 2016.

  • Ex  Coach Ángel Ximénez BM Puente Genil - Liga Asobal, 2014-2015.

Lorenzo Rueda Maqueda

  • Sporting Director CJH Mataró

  • Ex Sant Martí Adrianenc Coach

  • FC Barcelona Lassa B Coach

  • Former BM Granollers Coach

  • Former Fraikin Granollers Coach

Carlos Viver

  • Rapid de Bucarest Coach

  • Absolute Female National Spanish Ex Coach

  • Fraikin BM Granollers Ex Coach

  • KH7 BM Granollers Ex Coach

Fernando Latorre

  • 1st  BM Benidorm Coach

  • CEE Elda Ex Coach

  • Agustinos Alicante Ex Coach

  Quino Soler

  • BM Trops Ciudad de Málaga Coach

  • Angel Ximenez Puente Genil Ex Coach

  • BM Meridiano Antequera Ex Coach

Captura de Pantalla 2021-09-10 a les 19.00.39.png

Víctor Montesinos

  • BM Proin Triana Coach

  • Liberbank Cantabria Sinfín, liga Asobal Ex Coach

  • Palma del Río en DHB Ex Coach for 7 seasons

  • ARS Palma del Río en liga Asobal Ex 2nd Coach

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